Whats The Ultralift?

Cosmetic surgery is very popular, but it is now time for surgery to step down from the spotlight. Nowadays, non-surgical treatments are becoming trendy, as non-surgical treatments will give you satisfying and pain-free results. Among all the different types of non-surgical treatments available, one stands out from the rest due to the amazing result it gives and that one treatment is no other than an Ultralift.

How an Ultralift Works

It is a knife-free treatment that relies on ultrasound to boost the natural growth of the skin. No scalpel, no knife, only a round device that will warm up the patient’s face.

During the session, the ultrasound goes through the skin and reaches the muscles deep inside and makes the muscles contract. The ultrasound also stimulates the skin to grow collagen. Although there is a short-term result, the overall effect can only be seen much later on when the collagen builds itself up.

Who Should Try an Ultralift?

Since an Ultralift emphasizes younger-looking skin, an Ultralift is best for those who are in their 30s. However, those below 30 who have trouble with less firm skin can also try this painless treatment.

Ultralift’s Price

Ultralift’s cost can vary, starting from $150 to $2000. The price depends on the region and the parts of the face that are to be treated. Those who recently started the treatment will need to have the session monthly in order to see the result quickly. Once the patient has the desired result, they can cut back on the treatment program and then have it performed every three to six months. 

Things to do before the Treatment

Although an Ultralift is a non-surgical treatment, patients still need to prepare themselves beforehand. Patients should avoid having intense aesthetic treatment such as fillers and botox three months before the Ultralift. After the treatment, they need to avoid direct sunlight and use sunscreen for at least two weeks. They should also avoid face scrub or chlorine water for two days.

What’s the Result?

As it has been stated before, the skin will feel tighter immediately after the Ultralift session. However, the final results come months after the treatment. 

The result will appear only after a proper amount of collagen has build-up, which is around two to three months. After three months, the skin will appear firmer and tighter. There are other results, depending on one’s skin. Some will have their wrinkles reduced, and others might lose their double chins. Patients might even have sharper jawlines and lose the puff under their eyes because of the Ultralift!

Side Effects and Downtime   

Thankfully, Ultralift does not have any downtime. Those with light skin might see some flushed cheeks, but that is about it. Patients can also use makeup immediately after the treatment.

Patients barely experience any side effects from an Ultralift. However, there are some rare cases where side effects may happen. The side effects can be swelling cheeks and a tingling sensation, but they usually heal in three to four days.

Are You Ready for a Better You?

Ultralift is the perfect alternative to cosmetic surgery. It can make your skin healthier and tighter without having to touch a scalpel. There is no downtime and little side effects. If there are side effects, they will disappear in less than a week. Although the treatment is costly, there is no need for monthly visitations, making an Ultralift the perfect investment for your beauty.