The Benefits of a Lifting Facial with Facial Massage

Although beauty treatments have become more advanced due to technology, there are some who are still reluctant to have the treatments because of the chemicals involved. Natural treatment seekers never stop their quest at finding the perfect chemical-free remedies they desire. Thankfully, facial massage is there to give them the ideal beauty care they require.

Everything about a Lifting Facial with a Facial Massage

As the title says, A lifting facial massage is a method to tighten the skin by using one of the oldest treatments, which is a massage. However, the goal of a facial massage is not only to relax the face but also to improve it, with lifting as one of the massage’s improvisations.

Facial massage mainly focuses on the acupuncture pressure points and muscles of the skin. Many facial massages have different techniques, but they have the same goal ‒ to help to lift the face and to give a more youthful appearance. Most facial massages are accompanied by serums, vitamins, and other nourishments that are massaged onto the face.

Side Effects of a Lifting Facial Massage

Since facial massage is a method that relies heavily on the traditional methods, there are no side effects from it. The only side effect is having a red face because of the massage, and the red face will not last for long. A lifting facial with a facial massage is a safe method with maximum benefits.

Benefits of a Lifting Facial Massage

Lifting is only one of the many benefits facial massage offers. When a patient finishes their facial massage session, his/her skin will feel smoother right away. Many patients have also stated that they finished the treatment with naturally glowing skin. 

Because the treatment uses massage, the face will get all the benefits given by massage. Some of those benefits are improved blood flow, toxin drainage, and relaxation.

The face is not the only part of the body that will get the benefits. Most facial massages also include shoulders and the back as part of the treatment. So patients will get not only smooth skin but also relaxed shoulders and back and they might even get a better sleep thanks to the massage!

Examples of a Lifting Facial with a Facial Massage

Due to the popularity of a lifting facial with a facial massage, certain people and organizations have developed their own facial massage techniques. Some of the techniques are:


  • Bellanina Honey Facelift Massage


Established in 1989, Bellanina facelift massage has the goal of releasing the “energy” of the skin to enhance the skin’s growth. Bellanina facelift massage does so by focusing on the acupressure points and the muscles of the skin. The massage is done by using a special honey mixture to pull the skin up, lifting the face. Having this treatment will stimulate the muscles, helping the skin to feel tighter and younger.


  • Facial Rejuvenation Massage


Also known as Natural Facelift Massage, Facial Rejuvenation Massage emphasizes the easing of the tension of the muscles while stimulating the circulation of the blood and lymph. The goal of the treatment is to get all the beauty benefits ‒ firmer skin, brighter eyes, glowing skin, fewer wrinkles ‒ while giving a relaxing sensation to the skin.

Of course, there are other facial massage techniques that have not been explored in this article. Whatever the massage technique is, know that they are safe, non-invasive, and can deliver results that can rival the most advanced treatment.