Radio Frequency with Micro-needling?

Microneedling is a well-known non-surgical treatment used to restore the skin’s tightness and youthfulness. Unfortunately, the side effects and downtime can be a drawback for most people. Thankfully, there is a new form of Microneedling that will give fewer drawbacks and more satisfactory results. The alternative is no other than Radio Frequency with Microneedling.

Traditional Microneedling vs. RF Microneedling

Before going any further with Radio Frequency Microneedling (RF Microneedling), it is important to know the difference between the two. Although they have a similar framework and purpose, the two types have slightly different processes to reach their goals.

Traditional Microneedling uses small needles to create micro-injuries on the skin. The injuries trigger the skin to heal, releasing new collagen and elastin during the process. Unfortunately, the micro-injuries will result in a red and swollen face and the side effects will need at least one to two weeks to wear off. Slight Bleeding can also occur during this treatment.

RF Microneedling is similar to traditional Microneedling, except that they use smaller needles to do the process. What makes this special, however, is the radio frequency the needles have. When the needles are inside the skin, the needles release a radio frequency wave that leaves a warm feeling on the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin. 

Some doctors would perform Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) during this session. The purpose of PRP is to treat wrinkles better and stimulate the skin’s regeneration cells. 

RF Microneedling’s price ranges from $150 to $2,000 per session depending on the region of the body.

Preparation before RF Microneedling

Although this is a safe non-surgical treatment, there are certain things patients need to stay away from before starting the treatment. Patients should not consume alcohol or any anti-inflammatory medicines before the treatment. Patients should also stop using skin products, as they might increase the sensitivity of the skin.

Although it is not required, having a healthy diet several weeks prior to the treatment is preferred. A healthy diet results in healthier skin, and it will impact the longevity of the result.


Side Effects of RF Microneedling

Since this method uses small needles, they do not puncture the skin as deep as traditional Microneedling. The skin will not bleed as much as the traditional treatment. In fact, most people do not bleed during the session.

There will be little downtime and side effects are minimal after the treatment. The only real side effects are the red face and the brown grit marks on the skin, which will disappear in two to three days. Patients can start to wear make-up again two days after the treatment.

Benefits of RF Microneedling

Since the radiofrequency is shot deep inside the skin, patients will get a faster result than the traditional method. RF Microneedling results in less fine lines and facial wrinkles, along with better skin texture and tone. Acne scars will appear less visible, resulting in smoother skin.

However, all the benefits mentioned will not happen after one treatment and most people achieve the result after three to four treatments done monthly. Everything depends on the state of the skin, so it is best to have a consultation with an expert before starting with the treatment.

Do not be afraid of this method, because it is not as scary as it looks and it has very few side effects for a maximum result. If you do not believe it, book an appointment now to experience the treatment first hand!

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Whats The Ultralift?

Cosmetic surgery is very popular, but it is now time for surgery to step down from the spotlight. Nowadays, non-surgical treatments are becoming trendy, as non-surgical treatments will give you satisfying and pain-free results. Among all the different types of non-surgical treatments available, one stands out from the rest due to the amazing result it gives and that one treatment is no other than an Ultralift.

How an Ultralift Works

It is a knife-free treatment that relies on ultrasound to boost the natural growth of the skin. No scalpel, no knife, only a round device that will warm up the patient’s face.

During the session, the ultrasound goes through the skin and reaches the muscles deep inside and makes the muscles contract. The ultrasound also stimulates the skin to grow collagen. Although there is a short-term result, the overall effect can only be seen much later on when the collagen builds itself up.

Who Should Try an Ultralift?

Since an Ultralift emphasizes younger-looking skin, an Ultralift is best for those who are in their 30s. However, those below 30 who have trouble with less firm skin can also try this painless treatment.

Ultralift’s Price

Ultralift’s cost can vary, starting from $150 to $2000. The price depends on the region and the parts of the face that are to be treated. Those who recently started the treatment will need to have the session monthly in order to see the result quickly. Once the patient has the desired result, they can cut back on the treatment program and then have it performed every three to six months. 

Things to do before the Treatment

Although an Ultralift is a non-surgical treatment, patients still need to prepare themselves beforehand. Patients should avoid having intense aesthetic treatment such as fillers and botox three months before the Ultralift. After the treatment, they need to avoid direct sunlight and use sunscreen for at least two weeks. They should also avoid face scrub or chlorine water for two days.

What’s the Result?

As it has been stated before, the skin will feel tighter immediately after the Ultralift session. However, the final results come months after the treatment. 

The result will appear only after a proper amount of collagen has build-up, which is around two to three months. After three months, the skin will appear firmer and tighter. There are other results, depending on one’s skin. Some will have their wrinkles reduced, and others might lose their double chins. Patients might even have sharper jawlines and lose the puff under their eyes because of the Ultralift!

Side Effects and Downtime   

Thankfully, Ultralift does not have any downtime. Those with light skin might see some flushed cheeks, but that is about it. Patients can also use makeup immediately after the treatment.

Patients barely experience any side effects from an Ultralift. However, there are some rare cases where side effects may happen. The side effects can be swelling cheeks and a tingling sensation, but they usually heal in three to four days.

Are You Ready for a Better You?

Ultralift is the perfect alternative to cosmetic surgery. It can make your skin healthier and tighter without having to touch a scalpel. There is no downtime and little side effects. If there are side effects, they will disappear in less than a week. Although the treatment is costly, there is no need for monthly visitations, making an Ultralift the perfect investment for your beauty.

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Top 5 Facial Treatments

Different types of treatments have been created as the beauty industry tries to cater to a developing market, resulting in various types of treatments. Below are the top 5 facial treatments you can try out.


  • Hydrafacial


Those who want a cleaner and hydrated look can opt for a Hydrafacial. Hydrafacial MD has a sophisticated device that will exfoliate, clean, and moisture the face in less than two hours.

The first step is to clean and exfoliates the face so that the dirt does not obstruct the hydrating process. After that, the device sucks the dirt and blackheads away while using glycolic and salicylic acids at the same time. The third step moisturizes the face by filling it with vitamins and antioxidants. 

The last process uses blue/red LED lights to seal everything used during the process. When you finish the treatment, you will get a glowing and plump hydrated skin.

Hydrafacial’s price ranges from $150 to $300, and it can be performed monthly



Microdermabrasion is similar to Hydrafacial in terms of exfoliating. Microdermabrasion uses a diamond-shaped or crystal-filled tool to glide across the face, removing the dirt and stimulating the collagen.

Intense treatment can be done weekly. Once the desired result is achieved, the $50 to $100 treatment can be carried out monthly.


  • Chemical Peel


If microdermabrasion uses a handheld device, chemical peel uses a chemical formula to remove the top layer of the skin. The dermatologist rubs the chemical all over the face and then uses towels or cleansers as part of the treatment. The dead skin usually comes off within three to seven days, depending on your skin type. 

The treatment is perfect for those who want to get rid of their acne scars quickly. The price depends on your location. It can be as low as $50 or as high as $500, depending on the type of chemical that is used on the patient.


  • Microneedle


Microneedle is not for the faint-hearted, as it involves needle and skin puncturing. Microneedle is a facial treatment where the handheld needle device punctures the skin simultaneously while applying nourishment and vitamins. The micro-injuries trigger the body to heal itself, stimulating the collagen and elastin. Thankfully, a numbing cream is applied to the face first, resulting in a painless process. After that, the dermatologist applies a cooling mask that gives more nourishment on the face.

The $50 to $300 treatment is best for those who want to improve their skin’s texture and to nourish it. It is not for impatient people as the result appears only after a number of treatments.


  • Microcurrent


Need a quick lift for your skin? Then microcurrent is for you. As the name implies, microcurrent uses an electrical current to stimulate your muscles and skin. Of course, the serum and other goodies are also applied during the stimulation. The treatment is finished by applying a sheet mask onto the face, calming the muscles while giving more nourishment.

Depending on the location, microcurrent ranges from $100 to $495. If it is too expensive, you can opt to do it at home by buying the $85 to $250 device.

With the unlimited number of treatments available, you can pick the one most suitable for your skin and needs. Call the nearest beauty clinic and book an appointment now! 

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